White Horses

by Inga Rumpf

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"There comes across an intensity here that is unparalleled" wrote Good Times magazine in August 2013.

And that's not at all surprising. Successful as a blues, rock and soul-lady since the 70s, Inga Rumpf recorded her double-LP White Horses (2012) in a truly intimate setting.

In Hamburg's Nullviernull studio, the singer and guitarist Inga Rumpf is on stage, with Joe Dinkelbach on grand piano and Thomas Biller on double bass her only accompanists. They are waiting for a sign from the producer Dirk Sommer. This concert will be recorded directly and without any technological intervention as a "first take". No amplification, purely acoustic, completely unplugged and totally analogue.

White Horses proves the mastery of the great blues lady - Inga Rumpf!

The recordings are now available in unprecedented sound quality. The original analogue recordings from the concert in 2012, even then recorded in absolute top-quality, form the basis of Christoph Stickel's unobtrusive "refurbishing" which aims to avoid any artistic intervention. You, the valued listener, will be transported back into the sound engineer's chair at the time of recording.




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