by Olivia Trummer Trio

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2 RMG SM468 ленты на металлических катушках
38cm/sec. (15IPS)-CCIR-1/4inch-2 Track

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1 RTM LPR90 on 7" Plastic Reel
19cm/7.5IPS-NAB-1/4inch-2 Track-320nWb

With her second Album Westwind from 2008, Pianist, Composer and Singer Olivia Trummer once again proves her incredible talent. Not only has her music matured but is played with even more virtuosity and yet she remains close to her style of playing with refreshing ease. Contributing to this certainly is the newly casted trio with doublebass virtuoso Joel Locher and Bodek Janke on drums/percussion, sheding a unique light on the music.

Invited as a special guest is the young trumpet and flugelhorn player Matthias Schriefl who interprets Trummers music with a distinctive originality. Olivia displays her real musical maturety by allowing her co-musicians enough spaces to evolve within the music however using her own moments in the spotlight to fully engage into her musical poetry.

During her studying of classical and jazzpiano in Stuttgart since 2003 her professor Paul Schwarz labelled her to be the „talent of the century“, besides bearing in mind the audiences and presses of various festivals cheering her as „a sheer sensation.“

Olivia Trummer – piano
Joel Locher – bass
Bodek Janke – drums/perc

special guest:
Matthias Schriefl – trumpet / flugelhorn

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