Triozean - Live

by Triozean

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2 RTM SM468 Tapes on 10.5" Metal Reels
38cm/15IPS-CCIR-1/4inch-2 Track-510nWb

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1 RTM LPR90 on 7" Plastic Reel
19cm/7.5IPS-NAB-1/4inch-2 Track-320nWb

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It‘s just wonderful to travel through time in nowadays modern world. It‘s so exquisite to record a new album together in one room instead of divided boxes, analogous, not digital, not on harddisk, but on tape. And the result you hold in your hands is no CD, but a real record! Just like in the good old days! I want to say thank you to the team of Bauer Studios for their invitation to this travel through time. Many thanks to Kristina Andrianova for the text of „Natschat istoriyu“. I hope this is going to be the start of a long cooperation. And finally I would like to thank Lars and Krishan to swim together with me for the last seven years in the same ocean.

Olga Nowikowa


To me it was a great challenge, a pure joy and an extraordinary experiment to dare recording a live concert without any net and false bottom. No repetitions, no corrections and every note unchangeable like carved in stone. It was a great pleasure to be able to do all of this. What a rare gift to be able to listen to the own live music like the crowd. Thank you so much to the audience for an unforgettable evening that‘s now in my mind.

Lars Födisch


It was a really great experience to become aware of that moment of the sonor sound and the silence of a listening audience bewitched by every tone and every beat irrevocable recorded for eternity. To me a dream came true with this record. Especially the analogue recording is something beautiful in a digital world.

Krishan Zeigner

OLGA NOWIKOWA: piano, vocals, melodica

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