The Way I Really Play

by Oscar Peterson

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Peterson‘s new and permanent trio line-up emerged on the third album in the MPS series with Sam ­Jones and Bobby Durham. „The best trio that I‘ve ever had“ said the Canadian, and raved about the ­intuitively developed feeling of togetherness. It‘s fitting then that this third volume is entitled The Way I Really Play. It‘s apparent on these recordings that Jones and Durham sit back and serve as an ideal ­surface for Peterson‘s piano playing, but that they can also step out with solo moments. The opening track „Waltzing is Hip“ captures a refined alternation between 3/4 and 4/4, as well as an exuberant drum solo. Peterson shines with a complete reinvention of Duke Ellington‘s „Satin Doll“, both thoughtful and ­harmonically rich. With „Sandy‘s Blues“, the protagonist distinguishes

himself as a writer, and he dedicates this splendid, ornamented blues to his wife. „Noreen‘s ­Nocturne“ is likewise from his pen, but far from being a nocturnal serenade, the trio blazes its way through a ­thoroughly exuberant five minutes. On „Alice in Wonderland“, made famous by Miles Davis, Peterson furnishes proof of his swing artistry. And as a final dramatized masterpiece, Gershwin‘s „Love is Here to Stay“, which follows along a magnificent arc of suspense between free lyricism and a gripping mood.

Oscar Petersen - piano
Sam Jones - bass
Bob Durham - drums

Recorded in the private studio of
Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer
Recording director & engineer:
Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer


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