A Swingin' Safari

by Bert Kaempfert

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RTM SM468 Tapes on 10.5" Metal Reels
38cm/15IPS-CCIR-1/4inch-2 Track-510nWb

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1 RTM LPR90 on 7" Plastic Reel
19cm/7.5IPS-NAB-1/4inch-2 Track-320nWb

The Album A Swingin' Safari was recorded in the Polydor Studio, Hamburg in 1961/62. The two Kaempfert compositions "A Swingin' Safari" and "Afrikaan Beat" quickly became international hits and have since become true evergreens, while other titles from the LP remain perennial favorites on US radio stations. The sound of the flute section is considered to be particularly remarkable on this album. "Sound fetishist" Bert Kaempfert based it on the uniquely blown penny-whistles of South African kwela music (a musical style influenced by American swing and enjoyed by youths in townships) and transferred it onto the piccolo. It was a very unusual challenge for his musicians!

The recordings are now available in unprecedented sound quality. The original analogue recordings from 1961/62 form the basis of Christoph Stickel's unobtrusive "refurbishing" which aims to avoid any artistic intervention. You, the valued listener, will be transported back into the sound engineer's chair at the time of recording.


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