Star Wars - Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back - Original Soundtrack

by John Williams, performed by The London Symphony Orchestra

master tape order number: HH01.00.42
sales price incl. VAT: 550,00 EUR
sales price excl. VAT: 458,33 EUR
3 RTM SM468 Tapes on 10.5" Metal Reels
38cm/15IPS-CCIR-1/4inch-2 Track-510nWb

Refurbished by Christoph Stickel

The most acclaimed and enduring film music in Hollywood history, the original soundtracks of Star Wars Episodes IV - VI, are now issued by Horch House in a new reel to reel mastertape set, all composed by John Williams, the legendary five-time Oscar®-winning composer and the London Symphony Orchestra. This unique collector set is being released just as the latest chapter in the saga, Star Wars. This is the first time the Star Wars original soundtracks have been available on „reel to reel“ analog mastertapes. No digital remastering has been made.
By refurbishing – in other words, sound renovation – we understand the complex reworking of the original master tape and the production of a new master. Thus, we come very close to the original tonal state during the recording period. You, the esteemed music lover, enjoy the sounds at the same quality as if you were sitting in the sound engineer’s chair at the time of recording, including some noises, which had been removed for the digital releases.

Tape 1:
Star Wars (Main title)
Yoda's Theme
The Training Of A Jedi Knight
The Heroics Of Luke And Han
The Imperial March
The Departure Of Boba Fett

Tape 2:
Han solo And The Princess
The Battle In The Snow
The Asterioid field
The City In The Cloud
Rebels At Bay

Tape 3:
Yoda And The Force
The Duel
The Magic Tree
Lando's Palace


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