by George Duke

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The Inner Source arrived on the market as a double-LP in 1971, after an initial plan to release two single LPs, namely SOLUS and The Inner Source. Both recordings were made in the same year, shortly after George Duke had left Frank Zappa's band and taken over the place of Joe Zawinul in the  Cannonball Adderley Quintet. They are considered to be true highlights of Duke's work, an act of musical release with an audibly rapid development both on the keys and as a band leader. And as an added tidbit, you can hear Duke playing the trombone on an album for definitely the last time!

The recordings are now available in unprecedented sound quality. The original analogue recordings from 1971 form the basis of Christoph Stickel's unobtrusive "refurbishing" which aims to avoid any artistic intervention. You, the valued listener, will be transported back into the sound engineer's chair at the time of recording.

Track Listing:

LP 1/A
1.     Au-Right 3:27
2.     Love Reborn 7:25
3.     Peace 7:39
4.     My Soul 4:37

LP 1/B
5.     Feels So Good 7:10
6.     Manya 3:26
7.     Sweet Bite 3:32
8.     The Followers 5:15

LP 2/A
9.     The Inner Source 6:07
10.   Life 5:39
11.   Some Time Ago 5:00
12.   So There You Go 5:18

LP 2/B
13.   Solus 9:05
14.   Nigerian Numberuma 2:49
15.   Twenty-Five 4:54
16.   Always Constant 6:47


George Duke: keyboards, trombone, acoustic piano, wurlitzer, leader
Jerome Richardson: flute, tenor sax, soprano sax
Luis Gasca:  flugelhorn, trumpet
Armanda Peroza: congas
Dick Berk: drums
John Heard: amplified bass violin
James Leary:  bass

Reprint of the vinyl cover inside the tape box.


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