Jütz - Live

by Jütz

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It’s not every day that musicians who have experienced the advantages of digital ”back doors“ when recording are being put on the spot like we were on 15th September 2015. It feels like all or nothing as we enter the main studio space just after 8pm, with more than a hundred eager pairs of eyes anticipating high expectations. We feel the pressure mounting and that five seconds walk towards our positions feels much longer now. Thoughts race through our minds as we approach a myriad of microphones which have been carefully placed by expert hands. We are fully aware that the hours to come will be captured on tape and transferred to vinyl for our first official live release. It is a highly charged moment andcertainly a pinnacle in the three years that we have been a band.

It‘s essential to know that Jütz is an ensemble that thrives on performing in Swiss mountain huts one day, an Italian baroque concert space on the next, ending up in a Norwegian church or an Austrian art gallery thereafter. The contrast in these settings reflects our passion for making music that is spontaneous, full of humor and always pure. We love taking risks and it is only through our deliberate unpredictability, a particular characteristic of any enthralling live performance, that we feel able to translate the shapes of alpine pastures into sonic landscapes. After all, life in the Alps is crazy.

But wait - all of a sudden we appear to have been “decontextualised“, finding ourselves in the middle of a mountainless, reverbless, airconditioned space that is the main recording room at the venerable Bauer Studios. So we wonder what we are left with? What foundation can we possibly revert to for going into that live mode once again, for changing gears when need be, for pushing ourselves that extra mile to reach beyond our safeguards, to get to our authentic selves? Some call it energy, others call it magic. Call it what you will. The fact is it is only ever going to be there for an instance and you better catch it while you can. We marvel time and again at those special moments when the energy or magic that music creates between live musicians and their audience, unites. The proof, we believe, is in the pudding. As if by magic, you are now holding this fascinating sonic pudding in the form of a 12“ vinyl recording in your hands. We hope you enjoy the result and look forward to seeing you at another pasture very soon.      

Isa, Philipp, Daniel

ISA KURZ: vocals, Violin, accordion, dulcimer
DANIEL WOODTLI: trumpet, flugelhorn, shrutibox, glockenspiel, vocals
PHILIPP MOLL: double bass, glockenspiel, vocals


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