Journal Intime - Live

by Journal Intime

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‘We wanted to invite musicians to join our trio, augmenting the trio’s sound to that of a small orchestra.’ 
‘Producing this unique object with all its special facets was a very intense experience, and we are more than happy with the result!’ 

Frédéric Gastard

It was the first public Studio Konzert and it was a complete success. Studio 1 was packed with 80 jazz aficionados, eager to be a part of this exciting event. A comfortable jazz-club atmosphere was recreated in the recording hall where the artists and audience could be close together, thus helping to enhance the overall experience for both parties. We are proud to present the French trio JOURNAL INTIME as our first Studio Konzert artists. The trio consists of trumpeter Sylvain Bardiau, saxophonist Frédéric Gastard and trombonist Matthias Mahler. Together with their well-known guests, guitarist Marc Ducret and accordionist Vincent Peirani they performed their new program ‘Extension des feux’ to the public.

From the very first note the musicians enthralled the audience with their playing and the energy and excitement in the room was tangible. The band revelled in their compositions and brought forth some extraordinary improvisations. In turn, the audience reacted enthusiastically and played an important role in creating a most inspiring atmosphere. The utmost concentration was required both on the stage and in the control room, where Tonmeister Philipp Heck admirably mastered the challenge of capturing this unique event in a superb, single take, all analogue direct-to-2-track recording. This method of recording reflects the ‘Zeitgeist’ and decades of tradition at Bauer Studios.

FRÉDÉRIC GASTARD: bass saxophone

special guests:



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