Maria Markesini feat. Klazz Brothers - Live

by Maria Markesini

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Few things in life give an artist the kind of thrill and adrenaline shot one gets from performing at a live concert. But somehow that thrill is missing when working in a modern studio, where you know in advance that you can repeat, correct and refine your performance countless times until you achieve the desired result. I recorded live for the first time at the Bauer Studios. During the days leading up to the recording I was excited but also a bit scared. How would it all go, I wondered, just like that, all at once, with no opportunity to correct and beautify the performance afterwards? Without a ‘Pandora’s Box’ containing hundreds of tricks to help enhance the otherwise bare recordings for the listening pleasure of the somewhat spoiled post modern listener. On the evening of the concert itself the amazing atmosphere in the studio immediately set me at ease and dispelled my concerns. It was warm, inviting and may I say, loving. The moment 

I stepped on stage I knew immediately that this was the real deal. Let’s do it. Pure and real! For the thrill! 

Maria Markesini

The LP Recording at Bauer Studios was an amazing experience. It was like a live recording but under perfect studio conditions with the addition of a very warm and appreciative audience. Knowing that NO corrections could be made to any takes made the experience especially exciting and adventurous. Even more special was the fact that this was an analogue recording direct to vinyl. Our ears have sadly got used to hearing highly compressed and digitised music, so when you listen to a high quality analogue record it might take a few minutes before you are able to appreciate the full quality. Once this happens it’s as if the music is being played live right in front of you. Thank you, Bauer Studios.

Bruno Böhmer Camacho


At a time when almost anyone can make copies to their heart’s content and there is the ever present jingle-jangle of digital music from an iPhone or a droning supermarket sound system, the perceived value of music as a product has for many fallen virtually to zero. It is only the first-hand experience of a live concert performance which still provides the immediacy and sense of connection with the music in its original form. The brilliant conductor, Sergiu Celibidache (1912-1996), whom I had the pleasure to observe many times whilst I was studying in Munich, disliked the idea of preserving his performances in recordings. Nothing beats a real live experience, but analogue on vinyl is definitely the next best thing!

Kilian Forster

KILIAN FORSTER: double bass
TIM HAHN: drums


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