Marialy Pacheco - Live

by Marialy Pacheco

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Playing solo is outstandingly special for me. It’s a window to a kind of spirituality that only opens to me when I interact with my instrument alone. Entering this world requires all of my concentration and energy.  It isn’t easy to get into this zone every time I play, but when it happens, I go to unimaginable places; everything becomes music and I leave my body; music takes control. That is what happened on the night I recorded this album: I was playing a magnificent Bösendorfer Imperial an instrument that allowed me to paint with sound; that sang with the voiceI gave it and opened itself to me like no other instrument

I‘ve played before. And now, here it is: this one night that will never repeat excaltly the same, captured like a photograph, forever.

My sincere thanks to Eva Bauer-Oppelland, Phillip Heck and all the team at Bauer Studios. To the Bösendorfer family – especially Peter von -Seherr-Thoss – thank you. 


MARIALY PACHECO: grand piano


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