Helmut Eisel - Live

by Helmut Eisel & Sebastian Voltz Trio

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2 RTM SM468 Tapes on 10.5" Metal Reels
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I love to record at Bauer Studios. The atmosphere is very personal and creative and Philipp Heck knows exactly how I want my clarinet to sound. Our live recording at Bauer Studios was a wonderful experience! From now on it will feel strange for me to record in any way other than in a live concert environment because the fact is, the audience interaction is an integral part of the true Klezmer spirit and philosophy. We are fascinated by the idea of producing a limited edition on high quality Vinyl, which represents a courageous turn away from the ubiquitous ‘disposable music’ of today. What we seek instead is music which warrants our full attention.

Helmut Eisel

This ‘Studiokonzert’ was something very special in every respect. Not least because at the start of the concert we had almost forgotten that everything would be recorded live that we would have no opportunity for editing and that afterwards one would be able to hear every detail in perfect clarity. The interesting thing is that despite this, we didn’t ‘play safe’ ignoring the red light we allowed ourselves to take musical ‘risks’ in order to inject as much energy into our performance as possible. What really makes a difference is the special atmosphere at Bauer Studios and the warmth and passion of the people there who understand exactly what we, as musicians, want. Thank you for the wonderful sound and for an amazing concert.

Sebastian Voltz, Mario Bartone & Dirk Leibenguth


HELMUT EISEL: clarinet



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