Roman Rofalski Trio - Live

by Roman Rofalski Trio

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For jazz musicians, performing live is the essential and most exciting setting for artistic development. On stage we get to recompose pre-arranged material, take risks and therefore allow the music to take a different turn each night. Even more exciting than just performing is being “caught in the act” - being recorded live in concert. A little less than one year after recording our Neuklang debut album Der Wegweiser, we were given the opportunity to return to Bauer Studios to do exactly that. Same piano, same gear, the same amazing engineer Philipp Heck - the difference being a curious audience within touching distance and a red light that kept reminding us of the fact that this time around every note will be recorded on tape immediately and irreversibly, no edits, no second take. In this thrilling and inspiring atmosphere we had the pleasure of recording the music for this disc, documenting our development as a group and capturing a very special evening.

Roman Rofalski



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