Neselovsky - Live

by Vadim Neselovsky`s Bez Granitz Trio

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Every musician knows that there‘s a huge difference between recording in a studio and making of a live album. In a studio you can enjoy all the advanced recording technology of today, you can record many different performances, and choose the best one, you can even constitute your ideal version of a piece out of different takes… There‘s just one thing missing — the audience. It is quite a big thing, though. The audience influences musician‘s playing almost like a band member. Loving support from the audience can make performers do things they didn‘t know they were capable of… In a studio, in most cases the only audience you have is your sound team and a producer. I play different in a studio setting, perhaps more controlled, more reserved, introvert. But there‘s this spontaneous element to the live performance that can‘t be caught in a studio… Unless, you‘re in the legendary Bauer Studios and you‘re performing a live concert that is being recorded! The vinyl disc that you are holding in your hands is a result of these two very different approaches to music making coming together — a live concert, recorded in one of the most famous studios in jazz.

I think that Eva Bauer-Oppelland and Philipp Heck came up with an unbelievably fresh and exciting concept, and they have attracted just the right audience to participate in the making of this recording. We had an amazing time playing a concert and not even thinking that we‘re actually doing a record. The only reminder of that was when Philipp, a great sound engineer at the Bauer Studios, asked us to wait with the next number, so that they could change tape… What an experience for a musician in 2013… I am very pleased with the recording that you‘re about to listen to — it combines the sound quality of a world-class studio with the intimacy and freshness of a live performance. Hope you‘ll enjoy the music!

Vadim Neselovskyi

VADIM NESELOVSKYI: piano, melodica
BODEK JANKE: drums & percussion
ALEX MORSEY: double bass


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