Mellow Mood

by Oscar Peterson

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In the fifth chapter of the series, called Mellow Mood, Oscar Peterson returns to his trio with Sam Jones (b) and Bob Durham (dr), after his solo efforts on Vol.4. On some pieces from the album, the Canadian celebrates the giants of American jazz. He begins with Duke Ellington‘s „In A Mellotone“, which he interprets with a rich variety and an exuberant physicality, then leads Horace Silver‘s composition „Nica‘s Dream“ from lyrical composure to improvised effervescence. He plays Gershwin‘s ­„Summertime“ entirely free from melancholy vocalization; in his own words, a“bold“ version. With „On Green Dolphin Street“, he takes up a theme from the film of the same name and displays his prancing key runs over the drone of Jones, who also provides a wonderful solo towards the end. He covers a wide time frame on the final pieces: „Sometimes I‘m Happy“ takes us back to the innocence of the Twenties, while „Who Can I Turn To“ is from the Sixties. Peterson had already recorded it for his solo album, but here, after a stunning change of tempo, it has been elaborated for the trio line up.

Oscar Petersen - piano
Sam Jones - bass
Bob Durham - drums

Recorded in the private studio of
Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer
Recording director & engineer:
Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer


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