Marimba Classica

by Katarzyna Mycka - Franz Bach


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Melodiousness is the maxim of this production. Even though the marimba doesn´t exactly belong to the establishment, and the works of contemporary composers are played - this production is pure enjoyment. Katarzyna Mycka impressed the music scene by winning two first prizes in international marimba competitions: in 1995 she won the "International Percussion Competition Luxembourg" (as well as the the Audience Award) and in 1996 she won the "First World Marimba Competition Stuttgart". Katarzyna was also a finalist in an ARD competition in Munich in 1997. Franz Bach is a solo percussionist with the SWR SO in Stuttgart. In addition, he has worked with top-class instrumentalists such as Gidon Kremer and Alexei Lubimov, the piano duos GrauSchumacher, Paratore and Stenzl, as well as the percussion ensemble Nexus.

Katarzyana Myčka - Marimba
Franz Bach - Marimba


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