Jedermann Remixed

by Hans Theessink

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Dutch morality play Elckerlyc was written in the late 15th-century and may well have been the original source for the English play Everyman. In 1911 Hugo von Hofmannsthal adapted Everyman as Jedermann, and since 1920 Jedermann has been performed every year on the steps of the Cathedral in Salzburg as part of the Salzburger Festspiele. The open-air performances have been one of the highlights of the Festival season ever since. Throughout the years many famous German language actors/actresses have been part of Jedermann in Salzburg. Actors playing Jedermann include Attila Hörbiger, Will Quadflieg, Curd Jürgens, Maximilian Schell, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Helmut Lohner, Gert Voss, Peter Simonischek and Nicholas Ofczarek. His famous "mistresses" (Buhlschaft) include Christiane Hörbiger, Senta Berger, Sunnyi Melles, Veronica Ferres and Birgit Minichmayr…

Based on Everyman and enhanced with dramatic modern adaptions, Jedermann presents God, Death, the Devil and other abstract beings as personifications. The rich Jedermann is faced by unexpected Death, calling him to his judgement. Allowed company on his final journey, he is deserted by his loyal servant, his friends and his money; the figures of Good Works and Faith help him repent and save his soul before he is lowered into his grave.

In 2011 the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF commissioned film director Hannes Rossacher to produce the film "Jedermann Remixed" to commemorate the suddess-story of 90 years Jedermann phenomenon in Salzburg. Rossacher used archive footage from 9 decades to put together a cultural historic puzzle and create a unique performance of Jedermann that has not been seen in this form before. ORF and Hannes Rossacher asked me to produce the soundtrack for the film and we selected the songs that would fit the themes and scenes.

Besides several Theessink originals we recorded songs by many legendary songwriters: Bo Diddley to Tom Waits, Hank Williams to Nick Lowe, Johnny Cash to Rolling Stones Jagger/Richards. We also struck gold with some traditional songs that have been handed down through time.

For me it was a wonderful challenge to create this soundtrack to support the images of the film. I've tried to reduce the arrangements to the basic essentials; sometimes just one guitar-one voice. It's the nature of film music that only certain passages of the songs are used where the film needs it. Still we recorded the songs in their full length; resulting in "Jedermann remixed" the soundtrack.

Enjoy, Hans Theessink

01    Way Down In The Hole
02    The Man Comes Around
03    No Expectations
04     I‘m A Man
05    The Beast In Me
06    Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down
07    Cuckoo
08    Ready for the ride
09    Mother‘s Advice
10    I Got A Woman
11    You Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond
12    The Angel Of Death
13    Mother Earth
14    Call Me
15    Oh Sinner Man
16    People Get Ready
17    Sympathy For
18    Games People Play


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