The Aura Will Prevail

by George Duke

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2 RTM SM468 Tapes on 10.5" Metal Reels
38cm/15IPS-CCIR-1/4inch-2 Track-510nWb

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1 RTM LPR90 on 7" Plastic Reel
19cm/7.5IPS-NAB-1/4inch-2 Track-320nWb

vinyl box "The Era Will Prevail" (7 vinyl records)
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George Duke himself said of The Aura Will Prevail: "This album is my personal favorite from my days at MPS Records. I again see a lot of growth in myself as a musician". This taken from the website of the fusion jazz and R&B legend, who died in 2013.

The recordings are now available in unprecedented sound quality. The original analogue recordings from 1974 form the basis of Christoph Stickel's unobtrusive "refurbishing" which aims to avoid any artistic intervention. You, the valued listener, will be transported back into the sound engineer's chair at the time of recording.

Track Listing:

1.     Dawn 4:54
2.     For Love (I Come Your Friend) 4:38
3.     Foosh 3:10
4.     Floop The Loop 6:46
5.     Malibu 4:06
6.     Fools 4:35
7.     Echidna's Arf 3:35
8.     Uncle Remus 5:10
9.     The Aura 1:25 


Leon "Ndugu" Chancler: Drums, Percussion
George Duke: Composer, Keyboards, Primary Artist, Vocals
Gee Janzen: Vocals
Alphonso Johnson: Bass
Airto Moreira: Percussion
Sylvia St. James: Vocals
Kathy Woehrle: Vocals
Frank Zappa: Composer

Reprint of the vinyl cover inside the tape box.




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