Ballads, Streets & Blues

by Bill Ramsey & Peter Weniger mit dem Achim Kück Trio

Bill Ramsey got the biggest "musical compliment" of his life back in 1954, from the unforgettable Ella Fitzgerald. Her comment about Bill's voice: "All you got to do is close your eyes". Truly an accolade for someone who loves and belongs to blues, jazz and gospel, and who can elevate pop and cabaret hits with his incisive voice.
In 1954, Peter Weniger still had another ten years to wait before he got to see the light of day. That took place in Hamburg in 1964, and another twenty years had to pass before their paths crossed for the first time - Bill Ramsey, the old master and guest lecturer at the Music Conservatory in Hamburg, and Peter Weniger, student at the selfsame school and aspiring newcomer.
Peter soon become a regular fixture on the German and international jazz scene, and musical encounters with his former teacher lead to other creative and inspired collaborations.
This production of "Ballads, Blues & Streets" appeared in 2000 as an homage to the roots. In some moments an interpretation of the original, and at others a new composition that keeps the original spirit alive. All you got to do is close your eyes...

Bill Ramsey & Peter Weniger mit dem Achim Kück Trio
Bill Ramsey - voc
Peter Weniger - sax
Achim Kück - piano
Hervé Jeanne - bass
Ralf Jackowski - drums


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