by Glenn Gould

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“He play Bach,” wrote a distinguished critic, Professor Heinrich Neuhaus, “as if he were on of the pupils of the Thomaskirche cantor, sharing his meals with him in the refectory and blowing the organ when his teacher played for his parishioners … The music seems to speak through his playing; the composer has been dead long since but his music is alive today and it will live long...”

Such is the praise that has greeted each appearance of Glenn Gould, this distinguished Canadian pianist. When Mr. Gould made his recording debut, with the immensely difficult and demanding Goldberg Variations of Bach, his performance was so masterful that it elicited bravos from critics who found it difficult to believe that a young artist could offer such probing, sensitive interpretations.

Of his Washington debut, Paul Hume wrote „Glenn Gould is a pianist with rare gifts for the world… We know of no other pianist anything like him of any age.“

“The foremost pianist this continent has produced in recent decades,” wrote Critic Alfred Frankenstein in High Fidelity Magazine.

“A pianist of divine guidance,” said Jay Harrison in the New York Herald Tribune.

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