Away For A While

by Triosence


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Stern calls them "the new young faces of German jazz", and triosence definitely are making an increasingly bigger splash in the trade press; "the new milestone in jazz trios", "an example of a musical trinity" and "in music the sun’s rising for us in the west too". These and similar quotes are the reactions of well-known magazines to this exceptional jazz trio, containing Bernhard Schüler (p), Stephan Emig (dr) and Matthias Akeo Nowak (b).
With "Away For a While", the band stayed in the top ten of the jazz charts for half a year! Further proof that triosence, with a stylistic breadth that ranges from jazz to fusion, folk, pop and world music (and defined by themselves as song jazz) are exciting to both sworn connoisseurs and those who previously had little interest in jazz.
In addition to the equality of the instruments, what distinguishes the trio's music above all is the strength and clarity of their melodies. To a highly lyrical and poetical degree, they form the core of the compositions, and bring a simplicity and clarity that never becomes banal or even naive, but rather lets you dive into the beauty and depth of the music through the impressively reduced structure. It gives the listener so much room for emotions, thoughts and even dreams. The time and space to steal away for a while.



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