Katharina Maschmeyer Quartet - Live

by Katharina Maschmeyer Quartet

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Following on from our three studio albums we now have great pleasure in releasing a live album. What’s particularly special about this live recording is the way in which it was made direct to stereo tape. Unlike most other modern-day recordings it was not in any way corrected, re-worked or re-mixed in post-production. This of course made the concert especially exciting not only for us, but also for the recording engineer because everything had to be just right from the very first note. As each song was only performed once, everything you hear on this production is a ‘first take’. In addition, the entire production process remained analogue from the original master tape through to the final vinyl pressing. This is something every performer dreams of because compared with digital media, vinyl retains such immediacy and lends a wonderful warmth and character to the sound.

But this live recording was also very interesting for us musically as it documents the artistic development of our quartet. On the one hand we had the opportunity not only to present new compositions but also to re-record numbers from our last album ‘Duck On Ice, Flying Cow’. Since that album those pieces have evolved significantly and were performed in new arrangements. On the other hand, the new compositions stand out particularly due to way the band’s overall sound has developed and opened out in new directions. We have broadened our sound through the addition of acoustic instruments such as grand piano and acoustic guitar and Philipp no longer uses his synthesiser solely for the bass lines but also for atmospheric sounds and solos. The result is that Nils now also plays the bass guitar for individual sections or even entire numbers.

We hope you will get as much pleasure out of listening to this record as we got from performing the concert and would like to express our thanks to the great team at Bauer Studios and Neuklang!

Katharina Maschmeyer, Nils Pollheide, Philipp Rüttgers, Jens Otto

KATHARINA MASCHMEYER: tenor & soprano saxophone
NILS POLLHEIDE: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, e-bass
PHILIPP RÜTTGERS: piano, keyboards, synths
JENS OTTO: drums


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